Huge video Problem !!

I have one strange problem !

Since now 2 days, everytime I ... close a game i have a blue screen.
"Process_has_locked_Pages" blue screen.

I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate x64, lastest update with lastest ATI driver (7.10)

I have a Sapphire X1950XT.
My LCD is a Samsung SyncMaster 275T @ 1920x1200.

The game play perfectly, but when i close it, I see the deskstop for about 2s and then the blue screen appear.

Help me !! Its pretty annoying lol

Thank you
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  1. What changed 2 days ago? Driver update? Vista update?

    This will most likely be a driver issue rather than a failed card (not out of the question though)
  2. Ya there was few update. Vista updated itself. I have updated to 7.10 today, just to check if the update would change something, but no success there.

    I dont think its the card, since its playing everything well. Just 2 hour ago, I played a game of Warcraft III on bnet without any graphic problem. But when i close the game I got another blue screen.

    According to Windows Vista Update History, 2 Definition Update for Windows Defender were done yesterday.

    Its possible, but I dont think Definition update for Windows Defender can do that ...
  3. But I thought Vista was supposed to be great for gaming? *snickers*

    Well, please excuse me... I have to get back to my game running under WINE.
  4. I think I found the problem ... There was a Creative Update 3 days ago, but since I didnt game that night I didnt thought about it first.

    I just did a rollback then reboot the system, and continue my game of Oblivion and ... it close well.

    Another buggy driver release from Creative.
  5. Quote:
    Another buggy driver release from Creative.

    What else is new LOL

    Glad you got it sorted
  6. rodney_ws said:
    I have to get back to my game running under WINE.
    Get off the WINE, don't you know it's bad for your liver. :lol:
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