This is what I've decided..Need opinions!!

So this is the rig I have now which very badly needs an upgrade

AMD 64 3500+ 2.2GHZ
1.5gb ddr memory
geforce 7950GT 512MB

So I was searching around and have combined a lot of opinions from different people across these forums and friends in real life to put this PC together. What do you guys think. I'm not a budget, but not a tight one.

Intel Core(tm) 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4GHz)
AI Lifestyle P5K P35 775 ATX Motherboard
3GB Select PC-5300 DDR2 Dual Channel Memory
Geforce 7950GT 512MB ddr (which I will keep for now I think) I'll save up for a monster card or if I can find I think I can SLI another 7950GT which would be very nice probably same as an 8800GTS 640 maybe)

what do you guys think?? I will see great things in games right?
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  1. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Till January and you will be Happy :D,6858.html

    The Q9450 Cost about the same and is way better!!!!( I Hope)
  2. so basically the Q9450 i should get but now ur telling me to wait like 4 months what should I do for now with my computer lol?
  3. I will buy new Q9450 after my birthday which is dec 23rd lol and christmas hehe :) but what about for now until then?
  4. what should I do until then?
  5. Go ahead and build the new rig. Use it for at least a year, sell the Q6600 to someone less fortunate, and get yourself a Q9450 for less money than the launch price!
  6. i was thinking well either for now getting a 360 and halo 3 and some other stuff or upgrading my PC idk, basically they are the same, idk if upgrading now is a good idea. i might just buy a PSP or something for now and just wait till the new processors lol any ideas lol
  7. Don't know if my post was clear, but what I was suggesting was upgrading the processor only in a year. The rest of your new system would remain intact. The initial Penryns are likely to be very overpriced. By waiting a year, you don't have to take that hit. Plus your new system above will be faster than you need for a while anyway.

    Whenever you upgrade, there will be something faster or cheaper tomorrow. Such is the nature of the business.
  8. I'm still using a 3200 socket 939. Your present system isn't that slow. I'd go for a video upgrade now and wait for penryn.
  9. na my processor is def bottlenecked if i just get the new video card now i have a freakin amd 3500+ single cor not even X2, I am going to get the E6750 2.66ghz duo core 2 for now pretty dam quick will have no probs for awhile and upgrade the ram and mobo so i can upgrade to a penryn when need be with ease.
  10. mf2385 said:
    so basically the Q9450 i should get but now ur telling me to wait like 4 months what should I do for now with my computer lol?

    16th here, but I like your thinking ;)
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