E6420 At 2.64Ghz+ I cant get stable!!

Hey All, I cant seem to get stable at this speed, though 2.63 seems to be fine, 9Hours of ORTHOS Testing.

However as soon as i up it slightly ORTHOS Blend test fails Small FFTS seems to b ok though ?

SYSTEM SPEC; (MESH PC not Custom Built)

ASUS P5N650i SLI (BIOS Rev 0601)
E6420 (Conroe 2.13GHz default)
GEIL PC6400 2x 1GB Sticks Ultra Low Latency Kit
550W PSU
Geforce 8500GT

I've tried upping the Vcore to 1.35v from 1.25v <--(Stable at 2.63Ghz) and got no affect, not sure how safe it is to go over 1.35v or if going over it will improve anything anyway, as i've upped it a lot already and had no joy. any ideas on wat i can try?

Also Im running DDR800 Mem that only seems to go up2 DDR731 system wont boot if i set it higher? my FSB and Mem are unlinked FSB:DRAM 9:10 my mem timings are 4 4 4 12 16 2T at 2.1v also mobo wont let me set higher than 2.1v

hope some1 can help

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  1. Hi what cooling are you running on your CPU? Temp readings? I get 2.8Ghz easy on a E6300 without increasing the core voltage.
  2. Not sure exactly on the cooling, i'll have to open the maching up and look, but theres two fans in the case, and whatever MESH put on the CPU lol looking into thermalright cooling, however dont think coolings the prob. Jus run an 8hr 45Min Small FFTs (ORTHOS) 2.66Ghz no probs. only seems to fail when i run BLEND (CPU & RAM) maybe my RAMS got issues!?
  3. Jus Run Large FFTs Stress some RAM, and FAILED! Temps r around 50C which is not too bad as far as i know, 65+ is a prob?
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