New to OCing and Coolers. Need some advice.

I waiting for my Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 to arrive with my Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L motherboard. I think I'm going to try my hand at overclocking for the first time. A bit scary, but what the heck. I still need to get a cooler and all that, but there are so many choices it's overwhelming. I really don't want to fool with water cooling and want to stick with air. I saw this cooler on Newegg and it got pretty good reviews. Will this do the trick, or is there a better one I should consider? BTW, I'm going to be putting it into a Coolmaster Stacker 830 case, which is pretty big.



Also, is there a good temperature monitor to put in a drive bay to keep track of the temps?

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  1. Rosewill is a crap company, el cheapo

    For $22 get the AC Freezer 7 Pro

    Or for $2.00 get the CoolerMaster TX2

    The TX2 performs worse than the AC Freezer but its $20 cheaper

    The best thing out there is the Thermalright 120 Extreme but thats $80+ with fan.
  2. After reading the reviews, the AC Freezer 7 Pro sounds like it has some issues with installation. A number of reviews said the thing was a pain to install.
  3. Everything is a pain to install.....all coolers basically have that problem

    The TX2 is a pain to install, they all are, so you'll have to take your mobo out big deal, if you don't want a pain I suggest not doing it
  4. The mobo will be out already because I'm building from scratch. From reading the reviews, I was under the impression the AC Freezer Pro had problems whether the mobo was in or out. Maybe I read it wrong.
  5. It does have slight problems, mainly it is just hard to get the pins in (it needs more pressure than feels comfortable) but its worth it.

    Everyone I know loves the Freezer 7 Pro, it cools great
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