Need help Unistalled drivers did driver cleaner now its not dectecting

My problem is that i juss got a new speaker system and mounted them on my walls 5.1 system. My rear speakers are further from front ones soo what i do to compensate is change my settings in the creative console by having the surround at 70 percent. When i listen to songs i hear that it works, but while playing games the sound is 50 50. Soo i thought it was a driver problem since i use to have a x-fi xtreme music and now i have the fatality fps. So i juss installed the hardware and it worked fine with the xtreme music drivers soo i didnt touch the drivers at all. Well ever since the problem with the sound during games i said mabye if i reinstall the drivers it may work soo i did that and did driver cleaner, and reinstalled and it doesnt detect the soundcard. tried 3 times. I thought the driver cleaner i did prolly deleted something in the regestry or something soo no matter what it wont work. I was thinking of reformatting but b4 i do that i wanted to ask u guys if there is another way and how i can configure the sound in games to have the rears louder.
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  1. You may need to "remove" the sound card hardware entry from the Device Manager, then reboot, to let the system detect the hardware again.
  2. nm i got it to install but when i set the surround to 70 percent on the creative console it seems like it doesnt respond to games. is it always like this when it comes to games the console has nothing to do with the game
  3. A trick, boot in safe mode and have a look at the device manager, you may see your old driver then (and you won't see it in normal mode, yes it is weird but happens sometimes).
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