Bad Realtek ALC889A onboard quality

I recently purchased a gigabyte-ds3r to go with my e6750. The system is working great apart from one thing: the sound. It's not that it isn't uber high-quality, it just sounds really crackly and generally crap. It sounds terrible when I have two streams playing different things, like a game with music, 2 similar sounds in fruity loops, sounding like a blown out speaker.

I have a Logitech 2.1 setup which has worked wonders for me, and works perfectly. Before this I had crappy onboard AC'97 to go with a 2002 compaq, and that worked fine with these speakers, and was as good as I ever required.

Gigabyte don't offer much support.. I've tried installing their personal drivers, the Realtek newest drivers, fiddled with my devices, updated bios etc etc etc, but it still sounds really bad..

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help
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  1. sometimes on-board is hit or miss, most likely the problems are being caused by interference (EMI) from being so close to so many electrical devices (while sound cards are raised up a bit).

    the easiest solution is to just get a cheap sound card.
  2. hi, i got the p35-dq6, have the same audio codec. i was getting some issues like you. i upgraded the driver from realtek page and now is working just fine. which version did you downloaded ? i got the 1.78 package
  3. Are you running xp or vista? If it's vista you need a sound card. you can get a xfi audio on sale for around 30 bucks at or newegg. if u play games get a soundcard that is an xfi gamer, or get an older audigy zs2 as it does eax 4.0. make sure in vista your sound card does eax 3.0 or higher. in xp there shuold be no problems, switch drivers till you find the right ones. make sue to remove all old driver files when making changes. it may come to doing a re-install. that is why i use system revovery to set a restore point without any drivers installed so i dont have to reformat. good luck!
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