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My homebuilt computer was having tourble with games such as WoW and freezing and stuttering and it's gradually got worse and now the computer is going slowly on normal windows functions and takes ages to logon. I've scanned for viruses and spyware and reinstalled my graphics hardware but am unsure why it is having problems and my computer was build a few weeks ago with playing WoW in mind so it can handle it. i formated the computer a few weeks ago when it was built. Nothing is overheating and I haven't oc'd. I did a Defrag last night and when I turned it on this morning it took a while to load and after installing the latest Directx version from Microsoft and Restarting - It still couldn't load up wow, I keep hearing the pc beeping then the game freezes for a few seconds then see characters on the loading screen breath again then another beep and another freeze. I Alt F4'd the program and I caught a glimpse of the Task Bar that had a yellow question mark on it. Before it dissappeared it said corrupt file. The system temperature is 39c and the cpu is 29c. Is this purely a software and installation hash up or could there be hardware problems related? As I'd rather not format my hard drive to find this happening all over again. As well of the hassle of downloading a tonne of stuff incl patches and the long installation times.
here are the specs

K8T Neo2 v2.0 MSI
Sapphire X1650 pro 256mb
512 x2 ram
3700+ san diego 2.2ghz 1mb cache
80gb hard drive
windows xp

Thanks in advance.
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  1. get Ccleaner and clean it up. It's free. Go to Msconfig and kill everything startup item. If none of it works reformat windows after that... if the problem if still there. It's new hardware time. And reformatting takes likes 5 hours for me with 150gb of backups and all the driver downloads and installs shouldn't be that complicated.
  2. Have formatted the partition concerning windows and all other programs - a clean slate and a new windows install. Loaded the drivers and played a game it beeped - blacked out then restarted itself. Any ideas? or should we buy a new hard drive?
  3. Not likely a HDD problem.
    Perhaps get a memory checker.

    WoW could also be having a tough time with 512mb of RAM.
  4. Checked the Memory and it is registered at 1022mb so the motherboard seems to acknowledge it. The pc now beeps, stutters and freezes for several seconds even at load-up with windows freshly installed. I have no idea what the problem is even opening up the case - everything appears to be working smoothly and within an acceptable temperature range. I built the pc myself and I know what went in there and know how to put things in the right places. I built my own and that's been working perfectly for a year and a half now.
  5. Probably just a flaky MSI motherboard - I've seen such behavior on other MSI 939 and 754 boards. Swapped out EVERY component on a 754 k9 a couple of months ago - ended up replacing the board.
  6. I replaced the 80 GB Sata Seagate Barracuda hard drive with my own 120 GB 7200rpm Maxtor and it worked fine; loaded all games and programs and windows perfectly fine even played Medieval 2 Max Settings with a drop in FPS only during large battles. Does this sound like a permanent fix or will the hard drive go the same way as the barracuda which worked fine for a while on the new pc and as a second hard drive in my pc previously. The barracuda is 3 years old and the Maxtor is 1 and a half years old, they both have different power ports. I need a new hard drive for mine if I give the other pc my hard drive so is this worth doing or will I find out I've wasted yet more money? Thanks

    The hard drive and 512 x2 DDR Ram are the only old parts to the pc having been bought for my now scraped pc made in 2004.
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