Temporary Power Loss on Boot

I just finished building my computer last night. Everything seemed fine then. Today, when I hit the power, it turned on for about 1 second, stopped, then started again, booting up normally.

Anyone care to guess on that one? Could I have wired something (Power Button?) wrong?

I've got an e6750 and 8800 gts in thermaltake armor. It's running on a Corsair CMPSU-520HX 520W Power Supply.

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  1. And sorry for the double there...
  2. Did you try a BIOS reset or update?
  3. Not yet. But if that was the problem, wouldn't I have had the problem last night when I was setting it up? Seems like all this started after I installed xp.
  4. But it must be a hardware problem since it happens before post.
  5. I'd try a BIOS update like what Phrawth recommended. It could be possible that your PSU didn't prove the required voltage in the time required, so the MB rebooted due to lack of voltage to maintain itself on. I'm not implying you need to run out and buy a new PSU yet, just give a spare a try if you have one. You haven't owned the computer long, and so this could be just a freak occurrence. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it happens more regularly. Definitely do the BIOS update. I don't know many situations where a BIOS update makes things worse.
  6. Interesting dilemma, I think it may be by design with the Corsair PSUs (either design flaw or for some other reason).

    I have the Corsair 620HX on two rigs with the exact same hardware (Antec 900, q6600, GB P35C DSR3, 2gb Crucial DDR2 800, Thermalright 120 Extreme, WD Raptor X 150GB, Evga 8800 GTS 320mb) and it does that as well on both machines on hard boot.

    Under any other circumstance (i.e. Reset, soft boot, bios setting change), it doesn't hesitate.

    It seems a little strange that I would have the exact same issue with both rigs, so I thought it to be normal. Now, you report the same issue.

    I wonder if it's a pre-load/surge prevention measure done by the PSU.

    Now I will have to research it further.
  7. It's normal, see thread posted on Corsair Forum

  8. biggin_prime said:

    I wonder if it's a pre-load/surge prevention measure done by the PSU.

    Now I will have to research it further.

    I think you're right. I don't have this PSU, but thinking about it, it sounds like the PSU might have some kind of protective feature where it turns on on partial voltage, checks for problems, then switches to full voltage. This would be a good thing as PSUs are most likely to fail during power on due to the large starting surges. Your motherboard does get a pretty good kick when it comes on(there's been discussion on how bad this really is) but this could be a way to try to reduce the starting surges thereby prolonging the life of the PSU and the components.
  9. is it a gigabyte board? those tend to do that all the time, especially when OC'ing or changing bios settings.
  10. I have the same issue...
    Same Powersupply but have a Asus P5K Deluxe.
    guess it is a feature in teh powersupply
  11. I only see this when over clocking....but in most cases a bios update fixes it.

    Gigabyte P35 board also do it after a bios(over clocking...in all cases i have seem) change....

    Asus's P5W did it on every boot when over clocked....it was fixed with a bios update....

    Its not the PSU here...just they way Intel's chip sets are made....or so it seems...
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