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Hello,this srinivas
how to compare our algorithm/approach is better than others in distributed computing .
let us say i have 100 tasks and 10 cpus and i will complete my 100 tasks with 10 cpus let us say it took 10 seconds.
similarly other people also taken 100 task and 10 cpus and let say 11 sec

but my task may be big task and others task may be small or big than my task then how to compare which is one is better
most of results shown by the people are no of tasks and time taken to complete no information about so how can we compare any mechanism
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  1. The only way to properly compare one algorithm to another is to use the same set of tasks/data for each test.
  2. There is a measurable thing you can calculate which determines how good the algorithm is - it's called complexity. You can read more about it here:
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