Final Decision, What do you guys think?!

Well I have been thinking, investigating and pondering my decisions all week. Now since I know the new Penryn quads are coming out in January, thats good to know.

but I still think I'm going to buy the Q6600 for now and the new MOBO which supports SLI and Quads so when these new chips come out I can easily upgrade, I'm going to buy atleast 2gigs of DDR2 ram for the new pc and maybe a new HD. What do you guys think of this for right now?

I am going to buy a new video card for this pc but not yet as I am on a budget. I still have my 7950GT 512MB to play with and the performance will be a lot better now with the new Q6600, more ram probably 3GB of ram in it which will increase performance a lot!

What do you guys think? Or any other good ideas?
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  1. The only item you might want to get now is the ram. I doubt prices will drop any more. 2 gigs of ddr2 6400 is $70 at Fry's and Newegg. I wouldn't waste any money on the q6600, unless you want to sell it on ebay. And 3 gigs of ram won't increase your performance by much.
  2. An E6750 would be a wiser bang for the buck investment right now. The initial Penryn prices will be steep for at least 6 months, more likely a year. By Jan '09 you should be able to get a deal on a Quad Penryn.

    Hanging on to the 7950gt is also a good move until they decide what DX10 is really gonna be. Also, SLi is much ado about nothing right now unless you are running a 30" or larger monitor. Very expensive way to get 20 more FPS.

    Unless you are going 64bit OS, 2gb is plenty on the ram.
  3. ok cool thanks :) So Ill get the E6750 and 2gb of ram :)
  4. well is it worth it to get the E6850 basically one of the best CPUS out now since ill be waiting like prob a year for the new quads? or atleast like a few months for them like 6 months? or get the E6750? the E6850 really can't be touched, the E6750 is on par with the athlon 6400+ in some instances other then that pretty goood
  5. $80 for a few more Mhz is not worth it to me. It's really you call. The more you save now, the more you have to spend later is my motto.
  6. yeah I guess your right i think its better now to buy the E6750 for now and the ram, gaming case, and mobo and save a bit for later.
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