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Right now I'm confuse to choose the best gaming case for my pc. Before that, I was using Thermaltake Mambo but I don't like it because now I'm planning to put several led fan into my case and for that purpose I need a transparant side panel case and the most important of all is the case should be able to have a very good air flow for my vga (8800) is very hot.

I have searched for a while and narrowed in down to 2 case between Thermaltake Armor Junior or Antec Nine Hundred. Personally I like Armor Jr over Antec just because it looks prettier but Antec known to be has better airflow.

I ask for all of you and your opinion to help me choose or maybe you have another alternative but for the info, my budget is around US$. 100-165. Thank guys...
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  1. I love my Antec 900 case, and has them for 90 dollars right now.
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