cd/dvd reader and burner

can anyone point me in the direction of a cd/dvd reader and burner all in one
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  1. Well there are plenty of combo drives available.
  2. this is the one i just bought:

    just make sure you check whether you have Sata or IDE.
  3. i feel stupid but what does oem mean, ive heard some oem products dont come with some required things
  4. Hi and welcome :hello:

    OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

    You're right about "products that don't come with some required things."

    If you buy something that's OEM you just get the part...usually without the cables, screws, installation disk or instruction book and sometimes its cheaper than if you buy the product as Retail.
    Hope that helps.
  5. exactly what i thought, thanks for the answer
  6. but there are things u never use even u get them .
  7. got ya
  8. so say i'm doin a completley new build wat would i need if my 2 sata hdd are oem, wat would i need to run them my power will come from my cpu, so do i need to buy another sata cord to go to the mobo or screws and wat not
  9. Most motherboards package enough sata cables along with the board. Check out the pictures on newegg to see what you get in the package.

    Cases will include a bag of parts such as screws and mobo standoffs, so nothing else is required there.

    Your psu should have all the conectors you need.

    I would suggest that you google for a step by step visual pc assembly tutorial. You can then see exactly what will be needed.
  10. You might need a couple SATA cables, most MBs only come with 2 and you'll need them for your HDDs too.

    Great recommend on the DVD drive, that's the one I use for all of my computers.
  11. Better you buy the samsung DVD writer. It can read both cd and DVD and it can burn both cd and dvd. So, no need of buy the drives separately for reading and burning.
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