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My hard drive hard drives so bad it literally shakes my case is this bad??
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  1. Does it do that during idle or when the harddrive is doing something?
    Try tightening the screws that secures the drive to the case. If it is still vibrating badly, you may want to start shopping for a new drive before that one craps out on ya.
  2. You could also pick up some of these: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/5977/hdc-50/Revoltec_Hard_Drive_Silencer.html?tl=g33c113s210

    about $15 but you must then mount the HDD in a 5.25" bay.
  3. It does it when its idle and when its not, it just randomly starts vibrating for 10-15 minutes then stops for a while, could it be temperatures?
  4. yes, that is bad
  5. Well at start up there are absolutely no vibrations nothing an hour or two after start up it begins vibrating badly why I am wondering if heat is a factor
  6. trumbo091 said:
    My hard drive hard drives so bad it literally shakes my case is this bad??

    Back up your data, first of all. (If nothing important, then no worries.) Download seatools, do a full diagnostics test. That drive should still be under warranty, but you have provided rather limited information.

    a 250 GB seagate should be a single platter, probably a 7200.9 or possibly a 7200.8. The vibration probably means that there is a spindle bearing going bad. Seatools will probably not find this type of failure, as it is more geared towards platter/head integrity.

    Again, you neglected to provide whether it was IDE, (I assume) or SATA, and whether you could use an SATA drive on your MB. Seagate still makes both interfaces, but IDE's are getting more expensive per GB than SATA's.
  7. It's a sata if you didnt notice my sig also says its a sata
  8. I think it could be the temperatures cause theres no vibrations on start up but once it hits about 40 Celcius it begins to vibrate
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