Restore problems

I have this comp:

P4 2.4 GHz
DFI Pro875B motherboard
2 gig of DDR
ATI 4650 AGP
500 GB ide HD

I recently did a clean XP install. Which I normally do about once a year.
The thing is it won't do a restore from windows. So I would do it in safe mode with comand line prompt.

But after installing service pack 3 it no long will go to a command line prompt safe mode. When I select safe mode with command line prompt it goes to a black window with safe mode text in all 4 corners and says windows XP professional service pack 3 and no command line prompt at all if i try to click the mouse it just beeps at me.

So at this point i have no way of doing a restore on this comp.

The thing is while doing clean install everything seemed ok until service pack 3 and then the comp gets quirky in windows.

The only thing that has recently changed in the last 5 years with this comp is the new ATI 4650 with its related drivers.

The one thing besides service pack 3 I don't really like is ATI control panel requires .net framework which I hate using. Everytime in the past I have ever installed this on a comp everything get slow and quirky.

Any thoughts would be great!
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  1. Hello: give the following URL a spin for a hint:

    System Restore not working after SP3:

    Steps to take before you install Windows XP Service Pack 3

    Troubleshooting steps for issues when you try to use the System Restore tool in Windows XP:

    System Restore Is Not Working (Windows XP)

    windows xp pro system restore not working

    How to fix system restore not working in Windows XP

    Windows XP System Restore

  2. Yea this definately reassured me XP SP3 is a peice of crap. I'm getting a new HD soon so When i do another install ill make sure to skip SP3.

    On the other point none of those system restore things wouldn't help me everything they said to try i looked at and my system restore is on. My problem seems alittle different than most. Mine starts ok and lets me select a restore point and goes through the motions but after reboot its says did not restore no changes were made ect...

    Like i said usually when i got this I could still do a restore from safe mode with command prompt but it seems sp3 made sure this was no longer an option :(

    I'd like to try to install sp3 from safe mode like you said but at this point im leery about it. by the time i get to installing sp3 in the clean install ive already put a good 2 hours into the install. Id hate to try this and still have it cause mega problems.
  3. When I've used restore points in the past, I use regular old safe mode. Not safe mode with command prompt. Any change trying it there?
  4. Thanks for the advice. Really didn't know you could do it from there. I'll look and let you know how it goes. ^^
  5. LMAO...nope sp3 has totally rendered my safe mode useless.....

    All I get is the same window as safe mode with CLP, which is a black window with the text safe mode in all 4 corners, then it says windows XP service pack 3 and nothing else. No input areas, no selections of any type nothing just a mouse cursor that beeps at me if i move it. lol
  6. Hmm, try using ctrl + alt + delete. If it opens the task manager, go to file-->new task-->explorer.exe

    Judging by what you say about the computer beeping at your mouse movements, the above may not work. It sounds like windows is freezing. The bad thing is, I think you may need to do a windows repair, which will require a windows disc.
  7. Well i do have a disk for windows but ill just wait till my new hard drive gets here install XP again and this time i wont install sp3. I'll just leave it at sp2.

    Thnxz for the help though.

    The initial problem of restore not working in windows isn't an sp3 thing though ive noticed this during the last 3 clean installs ive done. I don't know why thats happening. The restore is turned on Ive checked it. But at least without sp3 I can do it in safe mode.
  8. You're welcome.

    Good luck.
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