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Hey there, i'm about to convert some HD videos and i need some help. There are lots of options for the video format and the video codecs, can you help me choose the one with the best quality?


-MPEG4 (Divx)
-MPEG4 (Xvid)
-AVC (H264)

Thanks to anyone who can help me :)
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    I personally use XVID codec with .avi format when I'm converting 1080p gaming videos from uncompressed fraps. Video quality doesn't suffer, or at least it seems so.
  2. H.264 in mkv container.
  3. Sunius, your method worked the best for me because i also want to convert uncompressed fraps gameplay. The mkv was too grainy.. Thanks for all the help guys! :)
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  5. Glad I helped ;).
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