Does windows xp work better speed wise on my laptop

should i reset a slow toshiba 2004 laptop? with windows xp would windows 7 work better?
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  1. if you mean it was made in 2004 stick to xp--chances are there wouldnt be all the drivers for windows 7 and that it might not have enough memory either
  2. Although Toshiba may not provide drivers for Win7, they use components that will have generic Vista/Win7 drivers.

    As long as the laptop has a dual-core @ 2GHZ and 2GB ram and a decent video card, should be ok for Win7.

    I have a C2D@2GHz+2GB RAM, S3 Mirage Video and works well under W7 and can do Aero.
  3. of course xp is such a light but powerful os i ever used on windows plaform..if you want speed with accuracy stick with xp..

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