In your opinion, whats the best HD video editor?

Hey there, i have some some HD videos that i need to trim, and edit together to make one video but all the video editing software i used so far makes the videos grainy and makes it look washed out. I tried windows live movie maker (my favorite because of the easy to use interface) and cyberlink power director. Both of these produce washed out videos, in your opinion what video editing software would be the best for me? Thanks in advance :)
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  1. The bad quality is because wrong rendering options, not because of editor. I personally use XVID codec with .avi format, it seems like it doesn't lose quality at all from uncompressed .avi from FRAPS.
  2. What video editor do you use? Windows live movie maker doesn't have these options, just the bitrate, and when i put it on the highest it still looks washed out. And i was never good at power director, i didn't even know how to change the resolution :|
  3. I personally use Sony Vegas, but it's not a free software.
  4. Ok well i just installed the trial version. You said to put it in .avi with Xvid codec, how do i do this? This is my first time using this..
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    This video shows it:

    You'll need to install xvid codec before you can use it for rendering though, it's free:
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