pair of pata 100 or 1 sata v1?

I searched and studied and researched....
As it turns out my 80gb wd 8mb (wd800jb) is a dud all by itself. As a paired twin...hoaxes can step out of the darn way. :(

hence my confusion...
I can go for another 8mb ata100 to pair up with the 80 gb (wd3200aajb thats a 320 gb, modern variant)
and maximize the classic "gain speed" setup... or....
1 sata same size. I found the burst speeds are still greater for pata (ata 100) and i know what twins do, not even in a raid setup as pata (ata 100)..that is always a favorite.

I seem to be swaying towards the pair of pata, especially after the number I found for the 8mb wd3200aajb (very nice). Altho..they won't be twins but for the buffer. Densities are different, the amount of platters different..
my board has both,sata and pata, and I simply put dust covers over the sata ports on my ich5 the day I got my pc together with the msi6728 I learned sata 1 was a "sick joke" except for the dainty cable cramming "everything" into big numbers.

what would a pro do? The prices are exactly the same to further add to my confusion in a decision...
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  1. It is quite often I talk to myself in forums, this is just another one (it is even the same subject). I just read the entire pdf on sata VS ultra ata...and wondered why there is any argument at all.
    Sata is not only faster (even it is hardly anything to notice) it apparently "fixed" many problems that go unspoken with ultra ata.
    There is a disagreement I have with the comparison..
    Two patas on the same cable kick ass, and that is all there is to say. If they are twinned, even on the oldest system I can remember...they did not have errors like the sata pdf stated. Therefore integrity of what is written is doubted.
    Furthermore...satas tolerances are quite dainty at a .125 volt variance (a mouse fart has more volts than that). Pata has 5 volt tolerance and can be plugged in Crap and still run...ya know, like a northern maine internet.
    I am still confused...step up salesman, step up smiling....
    I guess I go for the sata just for storage,not my OS, and if just happen to see the one good comment out of dozens again about sata, I will take it to heart.
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