good graphics card for the price(under 120$)

im still deciding between the 8600gt and hd 2600 pro
or 1900

when you buy the graphics card, what thing you see first??
clock? ram??

should i spend 20more buck and get 512mb??
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  1. Need to know the rest of your system including psu and what you want to do with it.
  2. There was a 1900gt on newegg for $90, you could get a 1950gt for $130. Those are great cards for gaming, not the best but high quality.
  3. im using for middle ended games..
    my system spec is
    2gb ddr2
    320gb hdd
    and thinking to get new psu
  4. X1950XT if you can afford it. Or, if you can afford it, any 7900 based card.
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