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Got a new e4500 cpu and I was just playing a bit of half life. I checked the temperature log afterwards and it stayed pretty steadily at 80 degrees even. I'm using the stock hsf which i've heard doesn't work too well. I'm a bit new, so I was wondering if this temperature means i need a new hsf?
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  1. it may mean that you have bad airflow in your case

    how many case fans do you have
  2. What are you using to read your temps? Maybe some of the thermal compound got accidentally rubbed off before you mounted the HSF??

    It could be the case fans...are they running? How many do you have?

    What is the ambient temperature of the room your computer is in?

    Lots of factors...
  3. It seems like the hsf were REALLY loose. I just tightened them. I think it's a problem with the stock intel hsf? Don't know. I just played through a bit more half life and got a max temperature of 62 degrees. I have a 120 mm fan that blows out right next to the hsf, and another fan blowing cool air in front, but it's far below the cpu. What is a good temperature to shoot for? I'd like to overclock, and I'm wondering if this is already too hot.
  4. I'm far from an expert but from my inquiries and my own experience when I overclock my temps at load are around 63-64 and I am playing with my settings to bring that under 60. Again, this is at load.

    What program are you using to check your temps?
  5. Intel stock cpu cooler is a a pain to install. Make sure it's secured. 62C for just gaming is a tad hot.
  6. your fan must be loose not tighting it may cost your cpu to over heat also causing your motherboard
  7. The easiest way to install ANY 775 Heatsinks is out of the case. Obviously rid yourself of ESD then with one hand support the bottom of the mobo right around were the pin will come through, then push it in. Repeat in the diagnal pattern and viola! This is the best way because all the pressure is being countered by your other fingers so 1)your mobo doesnt flex 2) all the pressure is being focused on the pin causing it to actually go in easier as well.

    Also once you remove the HSF after the paste has setteled it's usually a good idea to remove and re-apply, I have done this without re-applying but obviously the best possible transfer wont be attained. Plus the SHSF is absolute garbage. I picked a CM TX-2 for $8 at the Egg.
  8. Remind me what you use to remove the paste...non-acetone nail polish remover?
  9. spark29, please read the Sticky at the top of this Forum: Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide -

    Comp :sol:
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