Heatsink/fan combo for P4 478 CPU on Socket 423 MB

Hi all,

I just bought a Powerleap CPU upgrade adapter for my P4 Socket 423 system board. The old P4 1.7GHz CPU heatsink fan combo is probably not adequate for the CPU I'm putting into the adapter, which is a P4 2.6GHz Socket 478. That said, I was wondering if I could just go out and buy a fan rated for the 2.6GHz P4 Socket 478 CPU to put on my S423 board. Since the fan/heatsink mount was designed for Socket 423 CPU/system board, will any Socket 478 fan/heatsink combo still fit? I guess what I'm trying to figure out is whether the Socket 423 and 478 CPU fan/heatsink combos are interchangeable from a mounting perspective.

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  1. they should be, is there not any information that came with the adapter? be careful though the addition of the adapter may mean that a large heavy heatsink may put too much force on the socket and crack either the adapter or the cpu.
  2. Prepare youself for a spam of "why bother with older hardware, check this newegg lin with cheap prices etc".
    You could try a 3rd party cooler, like zalman, to attach to you motherboard, and btw they perform quite well.
  3. I have always like the spire coolers...cheap and quiet.

  4. Thanks for the help.

    I bought the adapter on eBay for $30, half of the retail price from Powerleap. But of course, it didn't come with the fan/heatsink so thinking back I probably should have just bought the kit from the manufacturer, now that I have to spend some more to complete the upgrade.

    In any event, I am where I am so my next move is to buy a decent fan/heatsink combo. I'll probably get one of the Zalman or Spire units. I appreciate the advice.

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