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I need a cooling solution for my coolermaster 830

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December 27, 2007 12:20:27 AM

I just bought the coolermaster stacker 830 from tigerdirect. $99, a pretty good buy. The case is HUGE. But it feels like quality so i dont mind.
It only came with one fan in the back. I see a side panel for 4 fans, not included. and a top fan holder and I beleive one in the front of the case. Im at work now but from what i remember when I looked at it it only had one fan included.
I will be using

asus maximus board
PC&power 750 psu
probably an 8800gts

I will be overclocking hopefully to 3.2ghz

from what ive read I dont want the hassle of water cooling.

How many fans do I need and where should I put them? Im assuming 120mm fans because they are less noisy. But I did read somewhere that you have to be careful with side mounted fans because they could actually make it hotter by trapping air. Noise is a concern. I would rather pay more for a quieter fan. suggestions anyone?
Does anyone have this case?
which cpu cooler? Thermalright 120? with a scythe fan ive been reading is a good solution. plus artic freezer 5 paste
If there is a better solution for cpu cooler please let me know.
If I install this cpu cooler will that alter the placement or amount of fans I need to get? I wont overclock for a few weeks after the build but I would prefer to install everything at once, unless thats not a good idea.

on another note this is a great site, ive learned alot and gotten some great help and I havent even built it yet.

thanks in advance for your help

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December 27, 2007 12:50:28 AM

If you get the TR Ultra 120 Extreme, one of the panel fans must be removed due the the height of the cooler. I suggest the Zerotherm Nirvana, supposedly the 2nd best air-cooling solution.

As for fans, if you want the most airflow and the quietest possible fans, get the yat loon 140mm fans for the side panel. They're really cheap and move tons of air at a low speed. Problem is that you need to remove the fan bracket, but it's worth it.

fit all other fans with these 120mm yat loons:
December 27, 2007 10:15:07 AM

IMO for the case which I have atm I wouldnt use a ultra120-ex atm im using ultima 90 in there its alright but still a bit too high. It works perfectly but removing one of the fan panels makes it look a bit weird.

If you want get some nice low rpm ones for the silent the stock coolermaster ones on there do 20dba and 42CFM.

One of the coolers that blows the air onto the motherboard would be best ill try 2 find you a good review of one they perform very well. Ultima-90 if you want though it has suited me fine.

Just kit the case out with as many as possible it can only house 7 fans infact becuse you need hard drive cages for 2 more in the front I believe. But 4 on the side one on the top, the 4 om the side will greatly increase performance of the heatsinks I mentioned above.

Ultima-90 lines up directly wit back fan so the heat goes straight out, its all good.

Wouldnt go with 120-ex in this case though unless you want 2 remove the side panel altogether.

IMO those yate loon ones are pretty crap.. 25dba for JUST 46cfm, thats poor.. there are some 120mm fans that do 90cfm and 20dba. 28DBA quite loud too for those 120mm ones.

Silenx fans are the best on the market atm.
90CFM - 18DBA
72CFM - 14DBA - Blue LED

Blue led ones do look really cool on these cases.


Lots of ones there, mainly ultima90 which just rocks. 92mm fans some r hard 2 get a good one but if you go with say a xilence red wing itll do fine.
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December 27, 2007 5:46:40 PM

The thermalright 120 does seem huge. I want to keep the side panel. I will go with the 90, Im not looking to extreme overclock, just mybe to 3.2 on the q6600. I just have to find a vendor with guaranteed GO stepping. Blue LED would be fine, as my daughters tell me, red isnt my color lol. thats about $150 for fans, but still cheaper than water cooling, which knowing me would leak.
do I need a fan with the ultima 90?
How are the scythe fans?

Thanks for your info. Its a huge case isnt it.
December 27, 2007 6:27:54 PM

Enourmous lol, I got it because it fits a triple rad on the inside, one of the very few that do.

Glad 2 help.