OC Software issue (Speedfan 4.33)

I still have a problem after reading these guides that i need help with. Basicially i think it's software so if this is the wrong area let me know. I'm pretty sure i might need to adjust speedfan's offsets, but i'd like to double check with you guys first.



When following the temp guide (1.6Ghz, 1.25V, 10mins idle etc)
Speedfan 4.33 reports my temp1 @ 44C, temp2 @ 36C, core0 @ 25C, core1 @ 27C with the room @ 28C ambient.

BIOS shows 39C

Core temp 0.95.4 shows Tjunction MAX 100C, core0 @ 40C, core1 @ 42C

Also my HSF only runs @ 2200 odd RPM with all fan controls disabled in bios (thought it was sposed to max at like 2800RPM)

Current setup is:
E6300 @ stock speeds (stock HSF) L2 stepping
GA-965P-DS3 (Ver.3.3) F12 Bios
2x1Gb Kingston 667
Thermaltake Armour w/750w modular PSU

Any other details let me know. Anyone’s help on this would be greatly appreciated as i don’t want
to continue trying to OC till i monitor my temps accurately.
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  1. Try using Speedfan 4.34 Beta 36. That has correct reporting for the newer processors.
  2. thanks Groveling_ Wyrm loaded it up last nite looks good
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