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Have Maxtor 200GB Ide ( Noisy )... running Vista Ultimate.... decided to get Seagate Sata,... installed it and formatted it no problems.

Went to Seagate website downloaded Diskwizard to Migrate software from old Ide hdd to new Sata hdd.

All went okay... software advised to remove old Hdd and place new Hdd in place upon reboot... and system failed to boot... NO IDE HDD Found !!!

However if I reconnect IDE hdd and press Del..go into Bios and set 1st boot device to Sata drive, Pc will boot to sata drive and runs ok.... had to first re-activate Vista though, as hdd serial number was different I assume.

I am lost as to why I cannot boot to Sata drive without the "old" Ide Hdd being in there.... If I remove the Ide hdd...No boot... leave it connected and it boots to Sata....

I am guessing this is a bootmanager problem?.... the cloned hdd boot sequence is looking for "old"Ide hdd... but its now on a sata ? have to rewrite data somehow?

Anyone have any suggestions , or help?....

Never had this trouble in the past when migrating from ide to ide.... which I why I have deduced problem must be a bootmanager issue... just dont know how to resolve that?....
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  1. I cant really help as far as specifics go, but you are correct its a bootmgr thing more than likely, since if its anything like XP's it lists a location like this

    And with the new one being SATA it has a different location. If the new drive were IDE as well, it wouldn't happen because once the old disk was removed and the new put in its spot it would have the same location. EasyBCD or a similar program may let you change it though.

    This post on VistaBootPro's forums seems to cover your issue, the only difference is he dual boots XP and Vista, but it is near identical, IDE to SATA, Vista wont boot, XP will

    User with Issue:

    Here is my problem :

    I had a PATA drive with XP Professional SP2 on partition 1 (system) and Windows Vista Ultimate on partition 2.

    On XP, partition 1 is C: and partition 2 is G:

    I have installed VBP on Vista and used it from this OS to configure boot options.

    Everything was working fine for months.

    1 week ago I have decided to change my PATA drive for a SATA drive and have used XXXClone to transfer the content from PATA to

    SATA. After that I have unplugged PATA and plugged SATA. XP is working
    well but when I try to boot Vista I receive a message about Winload.exe
    (missing or corrupt).

    Just FYI, Bootmgr file and \Boot directory is on Partition 1 (XP).

    I believe I should try to do a Bootloader reinstall but I am not shure about what options should be used.

    My questions are :

    1) There are other ways to fix this problem before trying a Bootloader reinstallation ?

    2) If I have to do a Bootloader reinstall what options I shoud use in my case ?

    Thanks in advance.

    To do a bootloader reinstall, in VBP go to the bootloader tab and select the following options,

    Windows Vista Bootloader, All Drives, Force Bootloader Install

    then hit install bootloader.

    I'm not 100% sure thats what you need to do, but it really sounds like it should fix it
  2. Thanks Cliffro...

    Will give that a try later and post back how I get on.

    I did try reading the Sticky at the top of this forums page, but that lost me, as I have a slightly different issue, but the link you supplied does seem to answer my problem.

  3. Just downloaded the VBP program, latest version, installed it, but it doesnt seem to want to run...

    My operating system is Vista Ultimate 64 bit... can see the program in task manager... but nothing happens......have tried reinstalling it, but the same, it just hangs, nothing appears on screen at all.

    Just tried repairing the Boot the old way... using Vista disk.... it boots to the disc, then I get as far as repair... it then shows a window with no drives in, so I choose, load drivers... choose my raid drivers... and they fail.....the drivers are the ones on my motherboard disc...

    Looks like I am stuck with having to have IDE drive in just to be able to boot to Sata drive.... crazy.... I knew windows was a pain at times, but this is rediculous..... all this to basically swap hard drives.... and not have to do a Full Re-install and lose all my current data...... madness...

    Think I will just buy another IDE drive and do it that way... this Sata nonsense is really not worth all the hastle for a bit of a speed increase.... and IDE drives are cheaper to buy.....

    Unless anyone knows and has had this fault / error and worked it out?? please??....
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