help with upgrade, newbie

hello everyone,
i want to build a comp (intel based)
the budget : 1000-1300$
The purpose : OC and games
(I never OC'ed before but i intend to to that with the right components)

no monitor plz, i already have one.

thnx guys
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  1. CPU: Core2Quad Q6600
    Motherboard: P35 Chipset board, something like Asus P5K, Gigabye P35-DS3R or Abit IP35
    Ram:2GB DDR2-800, Crucial Ballistix are a good choice for overclocking
    Video Card: 8800GTS 320Mb or HD 2900Pro(if budget allows, HD 2900XT or GTS 640Mb)
    Case: mostly depends on personal opinion of what you want, just get something quality.
    Power Supply: Corsair HX520

    Something along these lines should make a good system!
  2. shouldnt i get more stronger card like gtx vr.?
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