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I have seen a million pieces of software that measure wireless network speed.
However, I am looking for an app or widget that will measure total time connected. The reason for this is that a friend has a WiFi stick that has a set limit of time, rather than data usage. So I need software that will measure the total time connected, so he can keep track of it. It can be something as simple as a resettable "clock" that lists how much time WiFi has been on.
Anybody know of something like this?
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    It's probably not a WiFi stick but a USB data modem. The application that runs it and sets up the data connection should have a time connected list. Every single one I have seen shows how long you were connected not only the data used.
  2. Yes, of course that is what I meant. A USB 3g/4g modem. Thanks. =-)
    My friend seems to think it isn't tracking that. He says it only shows his data usage. I will check with him to make sure.
    I appreciate the response.
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  4. You are quite right. I had him check through everything slowly, and he found it. Haha. Thank you very much for your time.
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