GA-P35C-DS3R: Can't get AHCI to work under WinXP

I knon WinXP and AHCI don't jibe very well. When I have the AHCI enabled in the BIOS the WinXP boot crashes with a blue screen of death and the machine loops back into reboot. All guides to solve the problem concntrate on how to get the ICH9 drivers installed on WinXP. However I seem to have done that already:
I remember I installed all kinds of drivers from the CD that came with my mobo right after I assembled my machine.
Still the WinXP seems to act as if the drivers were not there.
Another thing: during boot the BIOS goes into some SATA drive recognition routine which ends with a messge stating something like: "No driver was found".
So what can I do to get the darn WinXP to boot with AHCI enabled?
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  1. you have to install the ahci drivers when you load windows when it says press f6 to install 3rd party drivers.
  2. Yeah, it is going to require starting from square one. Load the drivers as silverhw said then load XP.
  3. I didn't ask, why do you want AHCI? Are you running RAID, or do you want hot swap or NCQ for some reason? If not then run the drive in IDE.
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