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I'm currently planning on changing the heatsink on my 8800GT and I found this interesting roundup between 4 vga coolers. I'll probably bought either the Thermalright or the Artic Cooling solution, but I was wandering, how they tied those 92 mm or 120 mm fan to the Accelero or the HR-03?

I have zoomed in the picture to see, but I can't find out...

Somebody have any idea or have tried this?
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  1. I forgot, this roundup only include Accelero Rev 1 and HR-03 Rev A, does somebody have comparative results for the Accelero Rev 2 vs HR-03 GT?

    Also, they don't talk about noise, since they use fan from other manufacturers, but is the turbo kit for the accelero worth it, or I'm better use 120mm like they did?
  2. LOL if you look closely and read the article carefully they state that they would love to put a 92mm or 120mm fan on the coolers, but could not. So the pics with the bigger fans are jsut the fans sitting on teh coolers not mounted at all.

  3. That's for the 120mm fans, but they did manage to tied down the 92mm fans...
  4. Get either the Accelero S1 or S2 (I got S2) with the turbo module fans. Literally dead silent and it works awsome. I got both at the Egg the Cooler was $17+$8 for the turbo module + shipping. Amazing price/performance ratio.
  5. No, you can attach the bigger fans with cable ties I have seen it done.

    HR-03 GT uses 92mm fans anyway, but easy to attach a 120mm fan to it.
  6. So, does it worth paying the extra money (25 CAD) for the HR-03GT, since this one has 6 heatpipes, compare to 4 for the HR-03 rev A or the Accelero S1 rev 2, used in the review, or the Accelero will however be the best choice? I'm looking for the best product, without any concerns to paying a bit more for a bit more performance.
  7. There are tons of places where you have people talking about S1 and dual fans on it..

    Here are few with pictures:

    Also, you can see it donw on single fan, it's same with dual 120mm's, for example:

    Btw, thanks for the link on HR03 comparision, some good data there as well :) Btw, according to hardocp, Thermalright states that GT cools 5-10C better than Rev.A of HR03.. just as an info.

    I hope I've helped! I'm looking for more info myself, as I'm planning to get Accelero S1 i na few days, so if you see any other nice reviews or something pls post here :)
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