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Hey guys,

I just got a Seagate 7200 500gb 32mb SATAII cache to replace my Western D 120gb old HDD that crashed and died the other day.

I haven't looked at it yet but will there be any connections issues with a GA-K8-NF7 Mobo?
I can plug the old HDD into it but don't think it is SATAII - are there different sized plugs or will it just be swap and go?


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  1. SATAII is backwards compatible with sata(Same connectors) so there should be no problems.

    WDC drives allowed for either the old IDE power molex or the new sata power connector...seagate only has the sata make sure you have one on your psu or an adapter for power...

    Seagate has a jumper to limit the drives to sata(150) one so if you have problems check there site for that info. It used to be that way by default, but i am not sure if it still is...

    see the little jumper by the sata connector
  2. ohhh cool - i'll have a look when i get home - may need to do some running around in the morning if i can't work out the connection - worst case - just get my upgrade earlier! haha
  3. I too just got a new SATA II drive (Samsung 750gb) and had a quick question. Windows isn't seeing it, at all. It shows up in the bios as a SATA II drive, 750gb, but by the time I'm in XP, it's gone.

    I swear I've had this problem before, back when I got my 320gb SATA I drive, but I don't remember the solution. Why isn't XP seeing my drive? I've tried different jumper settings (cable select, slave, primary) to no avail.
  4. You need to go into administrative controls then to disk managment, there you should see your new drive, it won't have a drive letter. You right click on the drive then mount and format from there. This is where you give it a drive letter assignment. Once its formatted then you will see it in My Computer.
  5. or for a lazy way to disk management

    Start run and paste this

  6. Ah ha, that did it, thanks to you both.

    One last issue that doesn't deserve its own thread. My older 250gb IDE drive has ceased to be. Part of the reason for my purchase of the 750gb was because my 250gb was acting up; maybe once a month it would disappear from Windows, just to come back within half an hour and work fine. Ever since I've had my computer open this afternoon, it hasn't shown up, even in the BIOS. I've cleaned the connections, tried different power plugs, tried different jumper settings; it's not showing up at all. Are there any tricks I can try to get it to show up? At this point I'm fine with just copy/pasting the 230gb of data I have onto my new drive.
  7. does it even spin up?(listen for it) there is not much you can do.

    You can try to run it on the desk...this way you can try it upside down...also try a different power and data cable...

    Some claim that putting the drive in the freezer for 30 min will make it work...but i sure as hell would not try with a good drive...since the drive is dead anyway. your call on that one...
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