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i had a VM of windows me....wanted to run turbo c which i have on my hard drive. how do i do that? i use virtualbox.
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  1. Have you read the "Shared Folders" part of the manual. It seem to be a fairly clear explanation.
  2. na....the problem is that when i enable the shared folder, it asks me to install guest additions for the OS. when i do that, the virtualbox guest additions installer says something like ' its not valid for this os'. so i'm stuck there.
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    Well then, share it on the host and access the share from the guest.
  4. doesn't work...just read somewhere that virtualbox doesn't support windows 9x versions well. so the guest additions won't install, nor will the shared folders work. the only way out is to use ISO images and copy stuff that way :-(
    you can read it here-
  5. i guess this topic should be closed now since there's probably no other solution other than the one i mentioned...idk how to do it though :-p ...quite new here!
  6. Well, that link says that Windows file sharing does work with a 9x VirtualBox client! That's what I was suggesting. Or you could just write the files to a CD (or iso image) and transfer them to the VM that way.
  7. :-p
    sorry....i misinterpreted it. ya, you were right! thanks :-)
    now i'm confused about selecting the best answer....both options are gr8 :-D
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