Is my proc running slow due to my mobo?

Just built the following:

Intel P4 Cedar Mill 3.0ghz LGA 775 Proc
Kingston 1gb 240-pin DDR2 677 (PC2 5300)
Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2 Micro ATX mobo
Ati x1900xt 512mb x16 pci-e video
500w Turbolink PS

When I boot up windows the bios state the cpu is running at 3.0ghz (200x15) and when I get into windows and look
System Properties it states the proc is running at 3.0ghz, 3.01ghz but after a minute or so when I refresh the system
info it states the proc is running at 3.0ghz, 1.21ghz and it is slooooow. Any ideas why? I installed the latest chipset drivers and it's a fresh copy of windows xp mce.

This is weird but I seem to notice a difference in cpu speed after I try running TaT before it's running like normal and after I try running TaT (which won't open due to it saying it's an invalid processor) which TaT works fine when testing the heat of my Core2Duo, it then seems to chug. Any idea why this might be? Is there a version of TaT I can run for my P4?
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  1. uhhhhhhhh P4/Pentium D!??!..... oooookkkkkkkk.

    They do underclock at idle to save power, but not that low. Use CPU-Z to see the real values.
  2. Yeah for some reason the proc would run at a slower speed 1.21ghz if I ran TaT kinda weird but things are fine if I don't run TaT.
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