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I use XBMC to watch my local files on my media center machine (listed in my signature) and I have Plex installed to broadcast outside of my network. I use Plex at work and other places to listen to music mostly. I'm going to be moving back to school soon, and i'm taking my media center with me, but i want to figure out a way that my family can still watch the movies and TV shows at home while i'm at school. I have tried streaming Plex at work as a test and watch a movie or TV show, and it seems to buffer every so often. Obviously 1080p movies buffer every few seconds, same with 720p, then SD at 480p will buffer once in awhile. At home, i have a 25Mbit connection from Verizon FIOS, and at work we have a T1 connection, so you would think there wouldn't be as much buffering. Now school is a different story, the connection there is considerably slower, can't say exactly what, but i believe the upload speeds max out at 600kbps. So am i dead in the water if i want to stream to my home with that connection, or are there other services out there besides Plex which don't require too much? Thanks
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  1. I think anyone having a public facing media stream is looking for trouble. Secured or not you are still broadcasting media you probably don't have rights to broadcast.

    Personally I think you should be able to do what you want with your media. Unfortunately a-holes like the MPAA and RIAA don't agree.
  2. I honestly always wondered about that too, I might end up using my file server downstairs and back up all the movies to that, so they can stream over our home network, and i have a backup of it too. I was going to do that eventually, but this might be pushed up a bit priority wise. I do need to do some testing though with my connection to see if it's possible, which i don't see why not.
  3. You're better off copying to another location. I think what you're wanting to do is technically illegal and you can be prosecuted for doing this.
  4. Yea, i ended up creating a file server and another media center in the house, so now i don't need to worry about it.
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