Is my OC to hot?


I have read some guides about OCing a Q6600(G0) on a P5K.
My OC:

CPU Voltage: 1.3xxxV
FSB: 333x9
Ram: 667Mhz
Timings: 5-5-5-15

I have a Zalman CNPS 9500 Led installed + decent airflow.

Ran the stresstest in 1 hour(57min)


1) I set CPU Voltage to 1.3xxxV in Bios but in CPUZ it says 1.168V why?
2) Temps in coretemp and in asus AIsuite. why?

To hot? What should I do?

Oh tried leaving the CPU Voltage on auto, the voltage was between 1.1-2.0 that freaked me out, so i set it to 1.3xxxV.
I can maybe make it run on 1.29xxV.
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  1. A bit hot, yeah. I wouldn't recommend anything over 70C. 65C is what I aim for.

    As for the voltage, it's called Vdroop. It's normal so don't worry about. The voltage you set in the bios is the max VID, so the cpu will never go over that voltage.

    What you can do is lap both the cpu and heatsink. There's a guide here about it.
  2. Something is way wrong with your setup I would say. using the parts you have, you should be running a good 10-15 C cooler than you are, and thats clocked higher.

    I just put together the exact same system together using a coolermaster hyper TX2 cooler, and at full load at 3.5 GHZ it was not even 50 C system, or CPU.

    I didn't lap it or anything.

    perhaps take it apart, and lap the CPU and the heatsink, you probably got a unlucky batch and one is warped highly and your not making solid contact everywhere.

    And use speedfan for temperatures instead, its better.

  3. I even had a company build the comp to make sure this wouldnt happen.
  4. LAAkuma. I downloaded Speedfan and U might wanna look at this:

    So With program do I worry about?

    If Speedfan is right then its a happy endding?
  5. FFS spelling error ><. cant edit

    * Which
  6. The coretemp is the most accurate. With those high temps only at 3Ghz, I'd say either your TIM isn't applied correctly or the surface of the cpu cooler or cpu isn't flat.
  7. kondichael, although your Zalman 9500 is a mid-range cooler, and you haven't given your ambient temperature, your temperatures are not hot. Please read the Sticky at the top of this forum - Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide:

    From the Guide:

    Section 6: Scale

    Scale 2: Quad

    Q6x00: Tcase Max 71c, G0 Stepping, Tjunction Max 100c, Vcore Default 1.372, TDP 95w, Delta 10c

    --70--/--80--80--80--80-- Hot
    --65--/--75--75--75--75-- Warm
    --60--/--70--70--70--70-- Safe
    --25--/--35--35--35--35-- Cool

    Also from the Guide:

    Section 8: Tools

    SpeedFan 4.33 displays Tcase and Tjunction sensors:

    Note 3: SpeedFan is very flexible and is the temperature monitoring utility of choice. SpeedFan detects and labels thermal sensors according to various motherboard, chipset and super I/O chip configurations, so the Tcase label can be CPU, Temp 1, Temp 2, or Temp 3. Even if Tcase is labeled as CPU, it is still necessary to confirm the identity of Tcase prior to conducting Calibrations. Run Prime95 and note which SpeedFan temperature scales with an Idle to Load Delta similar to the Cores. This will identify the label corresponding to Tcase. Labels can later be renamed using the Configure button, (see Section 11). If a temperature shows a flame icon, this indicates alarm limits which require adjustment. Use the Configure button to set CPU and Core temp alarms to Safe Scale. If a temperature shows Aux 127, this is simply an unassigned input which can be disabled using the Configure button. CPU`s with Steppings which are Tjunction Max 100c typically require +15c Core Offsets. See Section 11.

    As stated, SpeedFan 4.33 requires +15c Core offsets in order to be accurate.

    Comp :sol:
  8. Ok, great you got speedfan. Your system temp is good, mid 40's is good there.
    Your CPU temp at only 3.0 GHZ is really high I think.
    My friends same setup as you, but with another mid range cooler, the coolermaster, and at 3.4 GHZ hes like at 47C.

    Try and lower your CPU multiplier and raise the FSB and try it that way.

    Try like 8x375 and see if you get the same readings heat wise.

    if that doesn't work, I would sell that Zalman, take out your spu, lap it, then get a $60 CPU cooler than is high end, and lap that as well.

    Then I bet, at 3.4 GHZ youll be around 45C under load.

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