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I need help asap!!!!!

Hi, I have an HP slimline and it was working fine until a program i installed drivers was not compatible with vista so i decided i was gonna just use xp then later upgrade to windows 7. My slimline didn't come with any software to reinstall or anything so i used my dell reinstallation cd and installed a fresh copy of xp inside my driver. I delted two partions. Factory image and the C drive [main one].

So after i install i get the Blue screen of death. So i keep on getting it, and i reinstall it again and i still get the blue screen. i dont know what the problem is . can someone help me?

ITS a slimline

duo core processor AMD athlon

3gb ram

300gb hardrive
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  1. Firstly - Please change the thread title for a more informative title, so that other users will get the right information before entering this thread.

    Secondly - In which stage the BSOD appears? right after the Post? in Windows?
    Some first suggestions that could be relevant:

    - Check if there are some USB adapters/Flash cards/DOK that plugged into the computer (unplug everything)
    - If the BSOD appears in Windows - try to log in through Safe-Mode.

    Provide us some more information, so that we be able to give you more specific suggestions.
  2. Sorry new to all this computer stuff.

    I I had vista home premium on my hp slim line i bought it refurbished so no software came with it.
    A couple of weeks ago my brother installed this software that was completely uncompatible. [Giga Studio 3]
    it was slowing down my computer so i decided i was gonna install a fresh copy of xp into my computer.
    The install works fine but while im browsing my computer it BLUE SCREEN OF Death Me.
    When i installed it i had my MBOX usb audio device hooked up and my portable hardrive hooked up.

    Could that be the cause of the problem?
  3. Have you done full format before installing the copy of XP?

    Please open the "Run" command, and write there this command: %systemroot%\minidump
    upload the mini-dumps file to your post, and I'll analyze it for you.
  4. Ok im gonna do that command in the command prompt right now
  5. yes i did a full install of Xp deleted the partitions and created a new one then installed
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    You are supposed to create your own recovery media... in fact you should have been prompted to do so. That is the FIRST thing you should do when you pull the computer out of the box and see that there is no recovery media with it. There should also be a restore partition that you could use to restore (there's a prompt to push F10 for system recovery at the POST screen).

    Ahhh... now I see from your post that you deleted the factory restore partition.

    *Shakes head*
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