MSI K8N Diamond (NVIDIA nForce4 SLI) & Operton 185


I'm a bit of a newb but I have the above mobo and I wanted to upgrade my CPU to a Opty 185 Dual core. Only thing is I am not too sure if my mobo will support it, it is socket 939 but I cant find anywhere on the web if it will support dual core. I know the diamond Plus can but no where mentions the diamond (not plus version)

So basically I would like to ask someone in the know if this mobo would run with the opteron 185.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. hi, the opteron 185 dual core is socket 939 so i would assume yes you can . i'm running and AMD64 4200 dual core in my machinea the moment with no problems. that being said i am by no means in the know 100 percent. i would pay to wait and see what other people say before proceeding in your purchase.
  2. Well according to this website:

    No. That maybe an incorrect assumption though. I would fire off an e-mail to their support and see if it is. It seems the latest BIOS was released early this year, so you maybe out of luck. Or you could get lucky and it's not being listed is an oversight. The problem is that if the microcode hasn't been updated to recognize that CPU, the board will likely refuse to POST.
  3. Thanks for the answers guys. Thanks techgeek for that link, it was very helpful!
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