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Used to be able to open multiple programs with right click

I used to be able to select 3 files (one .xls, one .doc, and one from a non ms program) in a folder, right-click and hit Open, and all three programs started, one at a time, with each file ready to work. Now, it won't work on more than one file at a time. What changed? I have a new PC with a new XP (yes, you can still get that from Dell, with Win 7 that can be installed later, when I get new hardware that is compatible). The old machine has XP sp3, so there should be no difference. What's up, and how can I open multi files in multi programs at once in the same way on my new machine?
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    Let me see if I get it right:
    You are trying to open multiple programs (by pressing the "ctrl" key while choosing each program individually) and it doesn't work?

    You're getting some error message or something?
  2. On my old XPsp3 machine, I could go to a folder, select several files attached to several programs, then right click on this group of several selected files and click "Open", whereupon each file and its program opened. On my new XP machine, when I try to do that, select the files, right click and click "Open," nothing happens. When I select just one file and do the same, it works. Therefore, I've lost the ability to open multiple files, using the most currently available XP. Why?
  3. Well.. that's strange.
    I'll try to search some information about that.

    I hope I'll be back with an answer soon as possible.
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