Sonata III Alternative for my new build?

I will be building a new system two weeks from now, and here's my planned setup.

MOBO: Asus P5K
CPU: Intel C2D E6750
Video: 8800GTS 320MB (whichever brand is the best deal at that time)
Memory: 2GB 6400 DDR2 with ~4-4-4 latency (again, will choose the best deal at that time)
HDD: Seagate 7200.10 320GB SATAII 16MB
Optical: LG 18x SATA lightscribe (GSA-H62L)

And the case+PS as of now is Antec Sonata III

One thing I want to get your input on is the case and PS. The Sonata case looks nice and has a good PS, but it seems to barely fit 8800GTS with the front fan installed.

So, can you recommend a case and a PS that's similar to the quality of sonata III?
The Sonata case's lowest price is currently $119CAD, so any case + PS should be around the same price.

My budget is $1000CAD, and all of the above comes to a sum of just under $1000 (after shopping around for each part), so there really is no room for a more expensive case and ps.
And the case's gotta look elegant :D

Feel free to comment on any other components as well.

Thanks for looking!

EDIT: like to just clarify that I'm in Canada
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  1. I purchased two of the original Sonata cases in the past and they worked OK for older, cooler-running processors and video cards. Versions II and III improved very little on the interior cooling, which you will need more of with the equipment you are planning to purchase, and I consider them to be a little over priced. The Egg is running a special on the Antec 900 for $99 with rebate and free shipping. This is a far superior case with regard to system cooling, is relatively quiet depending on the speeds you select for the supplied tri-cool fans, and will lengthen the lifespan for all your components. The downside is you'll have to purchase a PS separately. However, you could take the difference in price and shipping and apply that towards a good PS...such as...

    But this solution may put you over the $1000 limit by about 50 bucks.

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the reply, ejay.

    These are NCIX Canadian prices:

    That'll put me $100 over budget. hmm... $100... I'll think about it, but I'd prefer something cheaper.
    If I do get something other than Sonata III, I'm thinking of getting a good PS first, and get a case with $ that's left.
    So, my priority would be PS first, case second. what do you think? good idea?

    To me, the Sonata III case's value is hard to beat given the Earthwatts PS alone costs ~$100
    But please do suggest alternatives~~
    thanks again.
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