Need to find a good mobo for Crossfire ATI cards

From what a few friends of mine are saying about their dual vid cards mb's is that it rocks....

I'm in the process of setting up a new system, and there was a few snags to cash the mb that I had initialy picked which was not an CrossFire board was never purchased.

I will be using this vid card, and thought I could buy another a bit latter.

also the cpu is a: DUO CORE-LGA775 E6750

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  1. You can't actually add another one of those cards, you would need to buy an X1950 Crossfire Edition card, which will cost you around $50-100 more then an HD 2900Pro would. It's really not worth it to crossfire X1950XTs at this point, as the price for a Crossfire Edition is so high for the performance it would gain you.
    If you still want a Crossfire board, the Asus P5E or Maximus Formula based on Intel's X38 chipset, since they support full x16/x16 speed PCI-E ports for crossfire, where as P35 only does x16/x4. The Asus Blitz Formula does x8/x8(P35 based, but with a special chip for the x8/x8 speed instead of x16/x4) and would be another good choice.
  2. crap.....hmmmm should I still get a crossfire supported mobo?

    Or just buy a better vid card down the line? The mobo I had first intended on buying was this one:
  3. it's always better to get a top of the line single card over an inferior dual card set-up. The only time to get sli or crossfire is when you buy two top of the line gpu's
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