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Help! XP password protected screen saver doesn't work

March 10, 2010 4:53:41 PM


My company recently upgrade Dell Precision Workstation 670 XP PC to a new Dell T3500 XP PC. The former PC lock out automatically every 15min or so, I have to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to log back in. The new PC doesn't do it any longer. I contact IT; they try everything but still no luck. I've looked at the gpedit policy and all the settings seem to be in order. I replace the scrnsave.scr copying from another working PC and the password protect screen saver still does not kick in after a 5, 10, 15 min preset. I also google for a third party pwd protect screen saver to no avail.

Any suggestion so I can get a pwd protect screen saver or an utility that automatically lock up my PC after a preset time would be greatly appreciated.

Remove Display in control panel Disabled
Hide Desktop tab Disabled
Hide Screen saver tab Disabled
Screen Saver Enabled
Screen saver executable name Enabled
Password protect the screen saver Enabled
Screen Saver timeout Enabled