install issues e-GeForce 8500 GT vs NVIDIA GeForce 6100 integrated

ok for about 5 hours i was trying to install this PCI Express card. with NO luck. I have a ACER Aspire AST180-EA381B With the AMD64 that had windows vista for about 1 hour and 15 mins. (after the HOUR it took vista to load, i lookd at its SLOWness for 15 mins before pulling the plug and dropping Windows XP Pro. 5.2 or something like that.)

anyway .. i NEED to run dual monitors AND an S-video for my TV.. (not all at the same time). I have the PCI Ex. slot in my computer. And just further info i have downloaded ALL my accer drivers. Now my computer currently runs perfectly with :


NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 430
video BIOS
Forceware version 91.36

So heres what happend. I installd the PCI Express graphics card (NVIDIA's e-GeForce 8500 GT), into my computer (as per the directions) i THEN pluged my monitor into the NEW PCI Express Card (as per the instructions) and proceeded to boot the computer up and wait for instructions "in windows" to install the software and drivers.

The computer booted up, i saw the ACER screen, then the windows boot screen .. then BLACKNESS.

ive tried all kinds of different Chipsets in BIOS, to no avail.

This is a brand new computer, not even a month old. And brand new card. Im not into HEAVY gaming.. just some DVDs and some tombraider... i just want to connect my TV to the computer to use as a dvd player, as well as eventually running 2 monitors for some of the other things i do for reports.. cuz theres never enough space on my desktop and my buddy has 2 monitors and i LOVE working that way.

i need help.. im desperate!!!!.. i need to know what im doing wrong.. or what i can DO to shut the intigrated drivers up so PCI can take over properly once in windows.

Thankyou for reading this. Sorry im long winded i just wanted all the faqs to be clear.

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  1. Go into BIOS and disable the integrated graphics there. I don't know where they are, but they are in there somewhere.
  2. Download latest nvidia drivers for your card. Disable the oboard/integrated graphics, tun of cp. Open case put in you 8500gt, close case. plug monitor into your 8500gt. Boot cp, install driver reboot and enjoy.
  3. ok smokedyou911 Thats what im looking for HOW do i disable the onboard graphics card. The 8500gt came with a driver disc, that (according to the instructions) will install drivers once windows boots. problem is once windows starts booting screen goes black. ive got this nvidia icon on the task bar... ive lookd around in the silly desktop thing its got.. but i cant see any (Disable) feature.

    forgive me.. i am a newbie.. cuz im used to laptops.. (trying to find a ToughBook right now) none of my laptops survive more then a couple years. so this is really my first desktop. :P

    let me know further, on how to set the BIOS, as far as the PCIEx settings.. should they be on auto?

    one last thing some one said that my powersupply may not have enough power. cuz this card (according to the box) requires 400watts , with 26amps @ volt rail. I lookd at the powersupply (dont understand japanese) lol but it didnt say much. or should i worry about it?

  4. wen you enter the bios the 3rd menu open it and search there
  5. Hello i'm having the same problem but i was running my system and all of a sudden it just stopped it just stopped working. the only way i can get it to run is by removing the driver and run off of vista's basic driver. if i put the driver for it back in all i get is blackness i think the is a conflict with windows and the drivers..!!!!
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