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Does Any one have any Experience with Nice copier? Or any other program that replaces the default windows 7 copying functions. I have used both Teracopy and nice copy and the both programs Peg seem to peg my memory, Im talking like 6GB's of ram. CPU usage seems normal, when I go to the taskmanager the processes tab does not show any process taking that much ram, but the performance tab shows almost full ram utilization.

I suspose my questions are:
Is there a Better Program (freeware)?
Is this common, is there a fix?

I really like this program as it copies faster, bypases the windows 7 "calculating time to copy" irritation.
My setup
Amd A8-3530mx
6 GB ram
750 Segate hybrid drive 7200 RPM
6620G with 512 MB ram
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  1. What exactly are you copying?
  2. I was trying to copy my steam folder
  3. I dont know why it was happening, I just kinda Bit the bullet and went with what I had... It turned out to be about 150 GB to 200 GB. When I copied everything back off of my external HD to my new Laptop I used a USB 3.0 port, and started with 150MB/sec transfer speeds, that dwindled to about 40 MB/Sec (USB 2.0 standards, as my hard drive is 2.0). I don't know why I was having this problem but I am not having this my new laptop.
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