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I am in a dilema. I can't make up my mind on a motherboard, so I would like some suggestions from you guys. I want to run a Q6600 processor. I might not want to overclock it right now, but I definitely want to have that ability for the future. I am hooking this board with a 8800GTS. I am not sure if I want to go SLI or not. My original choice for a board was

but I am chaning my mind because I can't find anything for the price on the ATi side that can compete with the gts, and I personally don't like SLI as I think crossfire is better technology. All I want now is a mobo that has good overclockibility reliable and has good features. what do you guys suggest?
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  1. Nice Giga board P35

    Dearer x38 board

    Or look into ASUS range P5K

    all these will support Crossfire if you wish...
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