Harddisk Drive - How do I increase the size need help

Here is the situation:

On one of my spare computers I have created a duel boot system.

The system boots Windows 98 and Windows XP.

The harddrive size is 30 gigabytes.

When I created the system I divided the harddrive as such:

Windows 98 - 10 Gigabytes (LOGCIAL DRIVE C:)
Windows XP - 15 Gigabytes (LOGICAL DRIVE D:)
Unpartitioned Free Space - 5 Gigabytes

As of now the harddrive space on the Windows XP partition has filled up and I need to create more space to install some other programs.

What I would like do this take the 5 Gigabyte free unpartitioned space and use it to increase the harddrive space of the Windows XP partition.

How can I do this?

Any help would be most appreciated.
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  1. I don't think there is a way to just "add" that 5Gig space into the existing 15Gig partition without deleting the 15Gig partition first and repartition/format the whole 20Gig space. You can make an image of the D drive through softwares like Acronis or Norton Ghost to save your data and then repartition/format it or just get another HDD added to the system and install stuff on there.
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