GeCube HD2600 Pro AGP Cooling Option?

Hi all, I have the GeCube HD2600 Pro AGP version and wish to find out what is the best option for cooling?

I already own a Zalman VF900-Cu LED for my x1950pro AGP and wonder if it is suitable for the hd2600 pro?

If so, I will whip out my screwdriver and some ArticSilver5, then get going on it first thing tomorrow morning!!

Oh... any good overclocking software for Vista Ultimate x64... I don't want CCC and Ati Tools low driver load doesn't work, so any other option currently available?!
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  1. didnt even know there was one for agp yet, so thanks!
  2. I'm guessing the AGP and PCI-E HD2600 (and HD2400) are built to the same specs. Just buy looking at my other card to the newer card, all looks possible, but there's no point in me voiding my warranty unless someone has good input or can point me in the right direction!!
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