Blue error screen - does it mean my hard-drive is failing?


I use an Acer Ferrari 3400 laptop, 2 years old. On the weekend I experienced the dreaded 'blue screen' error page, saying something about Kernel_stack_inpage_error. It mentioned that I should back-up my data (which I did) as it could be a hard-drive problem and then it performed a physical memory dump.

I restarted and after another 5mins got the same error page. So I decided to restore / format the computer using a the system CD's which restored the C: to the factory settings. This still didn't solve my problem, so I tried to format it again at which point during the process it told me that there was a bad sector found and couldn't continue. What does a bad sector mean? Am I going to need a new computer or can you simply change the hard-drive?

I have recently installed new RAM and I thought this may be the cause, but I checked this with a computer shop over the weekend and they said the one I bought was compatible and working fine.

Can someone please advise what they would do in my situation?

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  1. Bad sector means the hard disk is corrupt.

    Look up your laptop specs & get a formatting utility on a cd/floppy from the harddisk manufacturer's site. Format the hdd. No guarantee.

    Oh, yes, bad ram or wrong ram settings can cause BSOD. Try removing the new stick & install os. Unzip & burn it to cd/floppy:

    on a working pc of course. Let it boot up on the laptop. It'll do its job by itself. Any error may indicate bad ram or wrong ram settings.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    I have taken a look at the site and there are 3 downloadable files. Should I download and use the first one (ISO)? So simply burn iso to cd and then boot up my laptop with the cd in order to fix any bad ram errors?
  3. get this on cd:

    No it won't fix anything. It tells you if it passes the test. If it doesn't, there'll be errors. 1 is too many. That means either the ram is faulty or the ram settings in bios are wrong.
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