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I bought an acer computer from walmart about 4 years ago and now all of a sudden it is asking me for a password. when i bought the computer windows vista was already installed and i never got a revovery or a password disk, furthermore it is asking me to insert the password recovery disk into a removable drive, which i don't have and never had, one never came with my computer purchase. it has been almost a month now and i am paying for internett service that i can't use because i cannot get my computer to work for me. I need help now ... i have a lot of sentimental pictures, music, poem and lessons that i can't get to now because my i never got a password.
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  1. Is windows asking for password? Or is it before windows load (also known as BIOS)?
  2. Tom's Hardware can't assist in bypassing passwords.We have no way of knowing you are the true owner of this computer.Sorry.
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