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I am sharing folders on an XP computer with other computers in a workgroup. Right now there is no password on folder. I also have a win 2000 computer that you log onto under "administrator" but requests a different logon and password when you connect to in within the workgroup. Also, numerous computers can logon using the same user/password. I would like to do this with the XP machine (local logon different from remote logon AND multiple computers can logon using same name/password at the same time). Is this possible? How is it done?
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  1. Since you state that there is currently no password on the folder, that leads me to believe that you have simple file sharing enabled. If you want to use authentication, disable it. (note: you can't disable it in XP Home, only Pro). Once you've disabled it, then open computer management and expand user accounts. Create a user account called "share_access" or something similar and set the password to whatever you want the other computer users to put in to access your share. Go back to your shared folder and bring up the share properties. You should now have a permissions button where you can select which users have access to the share. Choose the new user you created and apply the changes. Other computers should now be prompted for user/pass when connecting to the XP share. Note: if a user on another computer is logged in using an account/password that exists on another computer, then their credentials will be passed to that computer automatically. For example, if the XP machine has an administrator account with password admin1, and the windows 2000 computer has the same administrator account and password, then if someone is logged in as administrator on the windows 2000 computer, they will still be able to access the XP share without being prompted to authenticate...it behaves this way because Windows automatically tries to authenticate as the user you're currently logged in as, and only prompts for user/pass if that fails. Hope that helps.
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