MSI K8N Diamond and windows Vista

Hi guys.

Has anyone come across any known issues with the MSI K8N diamond Mainboard and the Vista operating system?

The reason i ask is that 90% of the time when i quit out of certain games and apps the operating system will crash. i am running the following system (at present i am leaning towards it being an issue with my old GFX card. as it died but at present have no peant to text this theory until tomorrow when i recieve my new Nvidia 8800GTS card.)

MSI K8N diamond mainboard
2gig of Corsair XMS memory
Hyper type R 580 watt PSU
x2 160 gig IDE Maxtor hard disks
x1 120 gig IDE maxtor hard disk
x2 80 giga SATA hard disks
XFX geforce 7900 GT/O. (this card has died over the weekend and is being replaced by a ASUS geforce 8800 GTS card)

i hope i dont have to fork out for a new mainboard if that is the case with vista not being supported by my mainboard.

any help or advice/recommendations will be greatly appreciated. :)

Many thanks

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  1. Can you describe the "crash" in detail? What exactly happens?
  2. I suppose the best way o can describe the crash is that when i alt tab or quit out of an application (be it a game or other piece of software) the screen desk top turns into a pixelatted nightmare only thing I can do is reboot. nothing else seems to work.

    hope this description helps a little.

  3. update ur drivers.get the latest ones from ur manufacturer's website.
    if its an MSI K8n diamond--it must be a socket 939 board and i guess its an nvidia nforce4 chipseet based board.get the latest drivers for ur video card as well as ur motherboard from
  4. thanks for the info mate, i'll do that as soon as i get my pc back up and running.
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