Floppy disk error (40), but no floppy disk installed?

Hi all,
i recently finished building my new system and have installed windows vista home premium 64 bit and everything is working perfectly except for 1 thing
When i booted up the system and the bios is loading, i get an error saying: "Floppy Disk Error (40)"
the strange thing is, i dont have a floppy installed, never bothered with 1, so how can i be getting floppy disk errors???
all i have to do to get past this error is press F1 and then everything works perfectly, but it is still annoying
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  1. disable it in BIOS.

    it'll say FLoppy 1.44 under the standard "CMOS features" just change it to Disabled.
  2. Ditto

    Change the setting in the BIOS.
  3. thanks for that, i cant believe i missed seeing that in the bios, man do i feel stupid now
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