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Hey everyone, I have a Dell Inspiron 11z laptop that i purchased a while ago that i'm trying to sell. While it's booting, i click f8 and click on "Repair Your Computer". Next, the log-in screen appears, but the only user is "other users". I click that since that's the only option, and it then asks for a Username and Password. I've tried a few things, including typing Administrator and the password for administrator ( which i changed for this purpose ) or the name and password for my account, but i constantly get an error that states:

"The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted."

Any idea why i'm getting this error and what will fix this? Thanks!
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  1. Change the "Log on to" field to the computer name whatever that is for you. If you don't see the Log on to field, click on "Options".
  2. When you say "log on to" field, are you talking about the user name? There's a blank space for user name and password, but nothing i try works. I just get the error stated above. There also is no options button or anything there... it's just those two fields. Basically, the screen looks like a normal vista log in, but instead of already having user names, it asks for me to type it in.
  3. Try to type in the computer name before the user name in the Username field.

    Should look like "PCName\Username".
  4. Doesn't seem to be working... :\
  5. How did you log on to it before? Can you go back to that?
  6. i can log in normally to my desktop, but when i chose to press f8 and click repair my computer, that's when this new log in window appears.
  7. actually, i have another question that just might make this somewhat easier. Can i download windows vista home edition 32 bit on to a flash drive and format my computer from there? I'm figuring the product key on the bottom of my computer is for vista, so i can just go ahead and do something like that. If possible, what do i need to do? Thanks.
  8. If you have the disk for it you can boot of a flash drive.
  9. Why not boot from a Vista DVD and simply format the drive and reinstall?
  10. Zoron said:
    Why not boot from a Vista DVD and simply format the drive and reinstall?

    I think that model laptop is a netbook type if not technically a netbook, no optical drive.
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